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  Manufacturer and supplier of voltage droppers, DC Converters, DC Motor Controllers, Cableform, Sevcon and General Electric spare parts for all electric vehicle applications
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products & services

DC DC Converters
DC DC Converters protect expensive batteries and equipment.
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Battery Plugs
Two pole heavy duty battery plugs from Anderson power products range of SB, SBX and SBE type connectors are available for all applications from 50 to 350 amps rating for use to 600 volts AC or DC operation.
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Traction Controllers
The GE electric vehicle traction and hydraulic controllers were designed to provide separately excited and series wound motors with a transistorised control alternative for industrial, commercial and utility applications from 24 to 72 volts.
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General Parts
CC Power Electronics offer a wide range of spare parts for electric vehicles. Over 3000 stock items.
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dc dc converters, battery plugs, dc motor controller, general parts